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Puppy informatie
Sex Kleur Naam NHSB nr.
Male Red Proud Jewel Bailey
Male Blue Proud Jewel Black Jack
Male Green Proud Jewel Bruce
Female Violet Proud Jewel Black Beauty
Female Orange Proud Jewel Byou
Female Yellow Proud Jewel Bounty
Female Pink Proud Jewel Bonnie

There are 7 puppy's born on 19-04-2010:

3 male 2x red 1x black/red
4 female 2x red 2x black/red

De weights are lie between the 236gram and 284gram. The 1st was born on 17:02 and the last on 19:36. There are no navelfractions, no open palate or bended tail. Aischa and the puppy's are in a healty and happy state, Aischa has done a really good job as this is her first nest.

Foto's before they got born
Foto's first day
Foto's week 1
Foto's week 2
Foto's portret week 2
Foto's week 3
Foto's week 4
Foto's week 4
Foto's week 6
Portret foto's week 6
Foto's week 7
Foto's week 8
Foto's portret week 8
Goodbye pictures