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Welcome on the website of "Proud Jewel".

We are Coen and Roos Spronck en we life in Limburg, in the south part of the Netherlands. Since short we are the proud owners of our German Pinscher kennel "Proud Jewel". This kennelname is registrated at the Raad van Beheer. Also are we members of the German Pinscher Assosiation Nethandlands ( DPVN ) and the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club ( PSK ).

How we got this name. Well, if you come in contact with the German Pinscher and you get to know him. After a good education of the dogg you have a Jewel of a dogg. A buddy for life that will go through fire for you. And you can be proud on than. We found this out our selfs and that's why we gave our kennel the name "Proud Jewel".

We have at this moment 2 red females named: Aischa and Issy. Both are born in 2008. And 1 black/red female named: Zilly, born in 2006. With these doggs we imported "strange" blood to the Netherlands. Our breedingsgoal: Health, Character and Beauty. With breeding of our doggs we will maintain the breedingrules the DPVN ( Dutch German Pinscher Association ) has stated. Information about current puppy's and or incomming puppy's you can find on our site under "Puppy"./p>

If you have any question, are in need of more information or if you want to be introduced with this wonderfull breed you can contac us. You can do this at the submenu "Contact".

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