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The German Pinscher

  • History:
    The German Pinscher comes from Germany. The source of the German Pinscher can be followed back until 1836 when this breed surpassed the Mops in popularity. They lived in homesteads where they were used to kill rats and guard.
    The German Pincher was originally born in the same litter as the Standard Schnauzer. Over time, breeders decided to separate the "varieties," changing the to actual "breeds".

  • Appearance:
    The German Pinscher is a medium sized dog usually weighing between 13 and 18 kg and typically 45 to 50 cm in height. Colors for this breed include black and tan, red, fawn, and blue and tan. For all countries where the FCI standard applies, only black and tan and solid red are allowed colors. There are also a few colors for this breed that became extinct during the world wars of the twentieth century. These include solid black and salt-and-pepper as well as harlequin.

  • Temperament:
    The German Pinscher is full of life, energyfull, self-assured and because of there steady personality they are perfect as family dog and guard dog.

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